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When you receive your Gwent Centre Rally book you might see the words “American Supper” mentioned in the descriptions for the weekend events.

Basically when we have a Social Evening, to keep costs down, the ralliers bring a plate of food to the hall or venue booked and it is placed with all the other rallliers food to make up a buffet. You might think we would end up with loads of sausage rolls, but somehow it works and we get a good mixture of sandwiches, pasties, quiches and so on—together with desserts and cakes.

In case you’re wondering where the phrase came from—it’s an old Wild West term when the early settlers would bring food and drink to a party. It is sometimes known as “Pot Luck Supper”.

Flag is normally held at 11am on Sunday. Ralliers gather near the flag pole for tea and coffee and a chat with old friends and new friends. A raffle is held to raise funds for the centre and the Rally Officer will thank all who attended. There is usually a reminder for the next few rallies.