Check out our new Rally Booking Tool !


One of the benefits of our new Website is that we are now able to provide you with an online booking tool to enable you to book your Rallies online.  The system operates very much as a "shopping basket" for online shopping and further instructions are detailed below.

Please note that we are unable to take Rally payments on the booking tool yet, but we hope to be able to provide this facility shortly.

The following information is a guide on how to book a Rally using the new Booking Tool:-


  1. Select the "Rallies" tab on the Menu Bar at the top of the Screen
  2. The Rallies appear in date order, so scroll down the list until you reach the Rally you are interested in booking.  (Press the "Next Events" or "Previous Events" links at the bottom of the page to view more rallies).
  3. When you see the Rally you wish to book, press either the green "RSVP Now Button" or the green lettered "Find out More" link.  Both of these will expand the Rally details to provide you with further information on the Rally Location (including Map), Cost, any Social activities taking place during the Rally and of course the Rally Officers email contact details.
  4. Once you have read the information and are happy to book the Rally scroll down the page and below the map you will see the word RSVP and underneath a box with the number 0 in it.  Enter the number "1" in this box (this is for 1 caravan and not the number of adults attending) and this will bring up some additional boxes where you should enter your contact telephone number, Club membership number and vehicle registration number.  (Your email address should appear automatically)
  5. On completion press the green "Confirm RSVP" button and your rally booking will be accepted and you will receive an email of confirmation.